Series of illustrations inspired by articles made by The Wired.
"...PimEyes appears to have scraped a major ancestry website for pics, without permission. Experts fear the images could be used to identify living relatives... raising privacy and data protection concerns, as well as ethical ones..." - Lydia Morrish
"Viney’s experience of searching for his parent’s graves... sparked an idea... His company has now taken on the task of mapping every churchyard and municipal burial ground in England... to create a Google Street View of graveyards in which descendants, genealogists, and conservationists can click on a map and see who was buried there and when..." - Sabrina Weiss
"... the problems with current generations of generative AI have already started to show. Most significantly, their tendency to CONFIDENTLY MAKE THINGS UP—or “hallucinate.” That is problematic enough in search, but in the law, the difference between success and failure can be serious, and costly..." - Chris Stokel-Walker
"... “The only positive effect that these videos could have is holding people with more power accountable,” Bloch adds. This includes state abuses of power, such as police brutality. But as Bloch argues, filming already marginalized people without their consent is much harder to justify... For the people sharing this kind of content, any concern for the welfare of the people they’re posting about is typically eclipsed by what they see as the pursuit of justice..." - DAISY SCHOFIELD
"... The fact that particulates are present in metro systems, often at concentrations many times those found at street level, is undeniable. The rubbing of metal wheels on tracks, or brakes on wheels, shears off tiny metal particles that get kicked up into the air as trains move... Long-term exposure to particulate matter is known to be linked to a variety of heart and lung problems, as well as premature death..." - Chris Baraniuk
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