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"...Violent crimes are up, mental healthcare funding has been slashed, and many residents believe they have to take their safety into their own hands and cannot rely on the police to prevent anti-Asian hate crimes..." - LAM THUY VO
"Immigrant New Yorkers who live in illegal basement apartments face additional challenges in recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, both emotionally and financially..." - Rebecca Chowdhury
"At any moment, she could be hit with a $1000 fine.. for lacking a permit that’s almost impossible to obtain... In New York City street vendors are required to have both [a mobile food vending license and a mobile food vending unit permit] to sell food on the streets, but... there has been a cap on the permits since the 1980’s." - Rommel H. Ojeda
"...Jiang said in Mandarin through a translator, 'AAFE is murdering people without knives. They’re robbers, preying on seniors, pushing me out and making it hard for me to survive.'..." - Sarah Ngu
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