Series of illustrations inspired by articles made by BBC.
"there is a growing perception among therapists, psychologists and sociologists that this kind of intentional parent-child ‘break-up’ is on the rise in western countries." - Maddy Savage
"From being branded ‘snowflakes’ to being accused of prioritizing buying avocados over houses, younger generations are enduringly maligned as somehow weaker, less hard-working or less resilient than their older counterparts... But is there really any truth in the idea that millennials and Gen Z are weaker than Boomers or Gen X?..." - Katie Bishop
"...As a movie star, Cage is nothing if not unique. He emerged before the age of celebrity obsession took hold, but is now embraced by online "stan" culture. He is associated with both high and low art; he is both serious about his craft and self-aware about his star image..." - Anna Bogutskaya
"Businesses shape how we talk about climate change, and sometimes this can stop us from paying attention to their actions..." - William Park
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